StatusCode Enumeration

Enum StatusCode See

Namespace:  ZarahDB_Library.Enums
Assembly:  ZarahDB_Library (in ZarahDB_Library.dll)


public enum StatusCode
Public Enumeration StatusCode
public enum class StatusCode


Member nameDescription
Continue The continue
Switching_Protocols The switching protocols
OK The ok
Created The created
Accepted The accepted
Non_Authoritative_Information The non authoritative information
No_Content The no content
Reset_Content The reset content
Partial_Content The partial content
Multiple_Choices The multiple choices
Moved_Permanently The moved permanently
Found The found
See_Other The see other
Not_Modified The not modified
Use_Proxy The use proxy
Temporary_Redirect The temporary redirect
Bad_Request The bad request
Unauthorized The unauthorized
Payment_Required The payment required
Forbidden The forbidden
Not_Found The not found
Method_Not_Allowed The method not allowed
Not_Acceptable The not acceptable
Proxy_Authentication_Required The proxy authentication required
Request_Timeout The request timeout
Conflict The conflict
Gone The gone
Length_Required The length required
Precondition_Failed The precondition failed
Request_Entity_Too_Large The request entity too large
Request_URI_Too_Long The request URI too long
Unsupported_Media_Type The unsupported media type
Requested_Range_Not_Satisfiable The requested range not satisfiable
Expectation_Failed The expectation failed
Internal_Server_Error The internal server error
Not_Implemented The not implemented
Bad_Gateway The bad gateway
Service_Unavailable The service unavailable
Gateway_Timeout The gateway timeout
HTTP_Version_Not_Supported The HTTP version not supported
Exception The exception
Rolled_Back The rolled back
Outside_Lock The outside lock